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The following information is requested to assist us in recommending the proper product for your application. It is not necessary to fill out all the information to obtain a response to an inquiry. If you wish, you may contact us directly at 309-788-0275

For questions relating to the wood industry, please contact us directly.

All information given will be held in strictest confidence and not divulged to third parties with out prior written consent.






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Questionaire for Release Agent Recommendations Relating to the Plastics and Rubber Industries:

1. What is being molded?

2. What is the material being molded?

3. What is the molding process?

4. What is the temperature of the mold surface?

5. What is the mold made of?

6. Does the part have to be stained or painted?

7. Can a silicone type formulation be used?

8. Is the part cleaned after molding?

9. Is the gloss of the molded part important?

10. What type of application equipment is used?

11. What would you like to see different in a release agent?

12. Do you or would you like to use a mold cleaner?

13. Where is the release agent being applied?